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Running a business is a serious stress so make sure you partner with an experienced and effective accounting firm to minimise that that stress!

There are many things to keep track of in any business and one of the key things is the accounting. Don’t leave your business’s finances to chance – leave it  to the experts so you can concentrate on running your business.

At DNA, we recognise that while our clients may be experts in their respective fields, they may need expert assistance from our accounting firm to keep their finances in check. We make the numbers make sense so that your business can set reachable milestones and achieve them over time.

We also help you develop your business by offering free webinars and providing specialist business development services when you need them.

So get in touch today and learn how we can work together to improve your business!

Who Can Benefit From Professional Accounting Services?

Accounting Firm

Businesses of all sizes need an experienced accounting firm:

Whether a start-up or a well-established corporation, accurate accounting is imperative for the smooth running of your business. You can never be too small or big to outsource professional accounting services.

Non-profit organizations with significant in & outflow of money:

There’s much accountability that comes with running a non-profit. You can stay on top of it by entrusting your accounting to a firm that is equipped with all the required resources and human capital.

Businesses that need to apply for loans:

Your business needs to be able to prove that all is above board before a bank can consider granting a loan. Up-to-date financial statements signed off by a professional, provide this assurance.

We are an Accounting Firm of Chartered Accountants with offices in East Auckland & in Tauranga who can service clients nationwide.

Advantages of working with us

If you are wondering how business accounting services can set your company apart from the competition, read this section. These are some key advantages of hiring professionals to do your accounting:

  1. Your financial records will always be current and accurate;
  2. We provide a trained, objective eye to protect your business from suspicious financial activity;
  3. We also offer an efficient payroll system, so all employees get paid on time; and
  4. Expert input relating to the financial future of your business.

Hire a Winning Team to Help Your Team Win

What more could you ask for in an accounting firm?

DNA is committed to providing the best quality expertise and support to you business.

Our range of financial services is precisely what you need to elevate your business finances.

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