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If someone says to you that he or she is a Chartered Accountant, the first thing you think of is `oh, they do tax returns and deal with the Inland Revenue’.

That was true in the past and continues to be today, to a certain extent, but that is gradually changing.

Software like Xero is completing more and more of the processing work that Chartered Accountants did 25 years ago.

Therefore, as a profession we are looking at new ways to better assist the businesses we work with.

At DNA we have adopted a variety of technology that didn’t exist five to ten years ago such as Xero, Hubdoc, Spotlight Reporting, HelloSign and various payroll systems.

This automation is providing us and the businesses we work with the opportunity to spend more time talking about their business, what they want to achieve and where they are going not only in their business but in their personal lives as well.

Bernie & Craig from Drumm Nevatt & Associates

People get into business because they have a vision, and most often because they are an expert at what they do.

Unfortunately, that expertise doesn’t always translate into making them an expert at running the business they have created.

It’s hard taking time out of working in your business to work on it.

But doing this is essential for its success and achieving the vision of the founder.

There is no magical overnight solution to building a successful business.

It is about taking small steps every day to get a bit better than the day before, which will ultimately have a massive effect on your success.

So, what should you do to build yourself a more successful business?

We have broken it down into ten essential steps:

1 Get clear on exactly what it is that you want.
2. Be open to change and new learning.
3. Define where you are now (warts and all).
4. Make a plan.
5. Get your organisation structure right.
6. Be a better leader.
7. Be held accountable by someone independent.
8. Build strong networks.
9. Monitor your progress.
10. Keep your well of happiness full.

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