Expanding Opportunities

A top-class account firm, Drumm Nevatt & Associates (DNA) have recently acquired offices in Tauranga to expand their expertise across the North Island. Director, Craig Nevatt, walks us through the opportunities that have risen from the global pandemic and how he has optimised his shot on expanding his business.

The experience of working from home through lockdown gave DNA the confidence to run more offices around the North Island from Auckland.

DNA have wanted to extent their business to new regions in order to supply more customers with top tier financial systems and processes.

Economies of Scale

Creating more offices also gives the benefit of economies of scale, a big drive for the DNA merge.

Cost advantages are a huge benefit for an expanding business.

Mergers are always scary processes, luckily Director Craig Nevatt has managed successful mergers prior to this one.

It is a great way to ad more branches to your existing business.

New Business Opportunities

The new DNA Tauranga branch brings a lot of new business opportunities.

Expanding into new regions with an existing client base from the merger is a power move. You already have a client base and under good management will only continue to grow.

One of the struggles DNA have stumbled across through the merge has been acquiring star workers.

DNA is known for their high-quality financial processes. Making the right selection on staff for the new office is key for their thriving success.

Expanding into Tauranga

DNA have chosen to expand into Tauranga to create a larger wing of reliability to their clients.

Dealing with clients in different regions can be tricky due to the distance.

Tauranga clients now have faster and more reliable service thanks to the merge. This creates so much more value for the clients.

More senior staff are available in a wider scope. Placing more people in a place of need will solve problems a lot quicker.

DNA’s service has never been more advanced until now.

This brings their comparative advantage over larger firms to the surface. DNA is about building that customer relationship and going the extra mile.

A lot more one-on-one service, that is gold.

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